Flower Of The 5 Wounds

With the launch of my new sensitive Flower Of The 5 Wounds, we shot this intimate photoshoot with expectant mother, Emmi, and photographer Thea Løvstad, shot in situ, at Emmi's beautiful Victorian East London townhouse. 




Flower Of The 5 Wounds borrows its name, colour and heart from the passionflower. Known mostly for its strange beauty, passionflower also has unique anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory properties and, apart from its use traditionally to treat scars and bruises, is restorative and calming for both the skin and the mind. Flower of the 5 Wounds, like all of my products, is unisex and suitable for all skin types, but its pure and organic formulation in addition to its gentle base of passionflower-seed oil makes it ideal for sensitive skin and to use during pregnancy.

What's in a name? Giacomo Bosio, a 17th century monastic scholar, named passionflower 'flower of the five wounds'  so-called in reference to the 5 stamens of the flower resembling the 5 wounds of Christ. I felt this name is symbiotic with the ranges skin rejuvenating properties.

Photographer: Thea Løvstad

Skincare & Grooming: Guy Morgan

Model: Emmi


October 19, 2018 by Guy Morgan

Kew Gardens


Celebrating the iconic Kew Gardens, we wanted to explore this historic link to nature in the heart of London. Guy Morgan teamed with photographer Thea Løvstad to capture the beauty of Palm House, a testament to Victorian engineering.

Drawing parallels from human’s attempt to study and contain nature, versus natures unrelenting force, as seen in the gentle wear. Kew Gardens not only contributes to the study of plant, but acts as way for Londoners and everyone alike to appreciate natures beauty.

Photographer: Thea Løvstad

Skincare & Grooming: Guy Morgan

Model: Kalle Lagerström

April 30, 2018 by Guy Morgan