Flower Of The 5 Wounds

With the launch of my new sensitive Flower Of The 5 Wounds, we shot this intimate photoshoot with expectant mother, Emmi, and photographer Thea Løvstad, shot in situ, at Emmi's beautiful Victorian East London townhouse. 




Flower Of The 5 Wounds borrows its name, colour and heart from the passionflower. Known mostly for its strange beauty, passionflower also has unique anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory properties and, apart from its use traditionally to treat scars and bruises, is restorative and calming for both the skin and the mind. Flower of the 5 Wounds, like all of my products, is unisex and suitable for all skin types, but its pure and organic formulation in addition to its gentle base of passionflower-seed oil makes it ideal for sensitive skin and to use during pregnancy.

What's in a name? Giacomo Bosio, a 17th century monastic scholar, named passionflower 'flower of the five wounds'  so-called in reference to the 5 stamens of the flower resembling the 5 wounds of Christ. I felt this name is symbiotic with the ranges skin rejuvenating properties.

Photographer: Thea Løvstad

Skincare & Grooming: Guy Morgan

Model: Emmi


October 19, 2018 by Guy Morgan
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