Guy Morgan began from my need of effective skincare that didn’t comprise my ideals of natural ingredients and high-performance. Meticulously formulated products for daily use, featuring high quality certified organic ingredients. A fresh and elevated approach to skincare with transformative lasting results for all.

Beginning as creations for my own use throughout my teens, at age 22 I founded Guy Morgan. Using ethically sourced organic, vegan, and wild-grown ingredients, to ensure effective results for skin and a positive environmental impact. We champion the ingredients we do use, rather than the fear marketing technique of what we don’t.

Guy Morgan is based in East London where each bottle is hand blend in my own studio, to ensure freshness and my exacting standards. After my frustrations of needlessly, and occasionally aggressively gendered skincare, it was important for me to create a brand of inclusivity, for all genders, race, and ages. My products encourage you to slow down and appreciate the small, yet meaningful, gesture of each use as part of your daily rituals.

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Above, founder Guy Morgan

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