Guy Morgan is dedicated to using the finest quality natural, and organic ingredients, to provide effective skincare for all skin types. Guy's products are vegan, cruelty free, and palm oil free.

a. Quality

My mission has always been to formulate skin care of the finest quality; investigating widely to source the purest grade organic and wild grown plant-based ingredients from the U.K. and Europe, with a proven record of efficiency and safety. These ingredients are certified organic by bodies such as The Soil Association, Eco Cert, and USDA.

    1. Their certified organic status means they’ve met the highest standards of organic farming, free of synthetic chemical fertilisers and pesticides, as well as being GM free.
    2. By using organic ingredients their cultivation respects local fauna, protects the soil, and minimises their environmental impact. Our skin benefits from the uncompromised nutrients.
    3. My suppliers keep records of extraction methods and farming techniques. This allows us to keep a close check on crop quality and harvest throughout the season.
    4. Guy Morgan complies with all European standards and regulations, being tested for safety and stability by leading industry assessors. My suppliers use the most up-to-date Gas Chromatography – Mass Spectrometry laboratories in the U.K. and France – detecting 0.001% trace substances, verifying clinical grade ingredients.


b. Transparent Labelling

Everyone’s skin can have its irritants, that’s why I clearly display product properties on all packaging. No fine print is used; any potential allergies are clearly shown.

I want customers to be able to make informed decisions. If you want help with your routine, or any other queries, please contact me,


c. Formulation & Design

Formulation, design, and manufactured is all done at my East London studio, where it’s packed onsite. The production process is ecologically sound, using no environmentally damaging chemicals. Guy Morgan is a vegan and cruelty free brand, none of my products are tested on animals, nor do the suppliers of my ingredients. 

Guy Morgan refrains from using plastic packaging, predominantly using recyclable glass and card meeting FSC standards. I prefer to use clear glass packaging in my facial oil and balm range, this allows me to monitor colour consistency – vital in indicating the purity and balance of oil blends.

I believe in breaking down gender labelling in skincare, my range is suitable for everyone and all skin types.

        d. Me

        The lush countryside of the Quantock hills in Somerset, England, gave me a love for nature from a young age. My mother was a botanist who worked towards the conservation of the surrounding heathlands, I soon shared this passion which eventually piqued an interest in natural skincare.

        Unhappy with the numerous products I tried as a teenager with problematic skin I decided to put my knowledge of botany to use, hand crafting my own skincare. My reasons for turning to the power of plants were not only the rich uncompromised nutrients, but the want to minimise my environmental impact.

        My blends were not only enjoyed by myself, but were effective and sought after by friends and family, inspiring me to develop my craft further. I launched ‘Guy Morgan’ in 2015, initially with solutions I’d been using myself for years. Since then I’ve refined and expanded the range using customer feedback and ongoing research.


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