Midnight Black Cleansing Mask

(100g - 3.5oz)




A deep cleansing clay face mask, to hydrate and brighten all skin types.

This water-activated clay mask deliveries intense cleansing, drawing out toxins and excess sebum by negative electrical attraction. Its anti-bacterial & inflammatory qualities make it ideal for fighting off acne and reducing redness.



To be used fortnightly, mix half a teaspoon of clay with a splash of water and mix in palm of hand or dish. Apply to damp or dry cleansed skin avoiding eyes, leave for no longer than 10 minutes then wash off.



Neutral faint earthy scent.

Leaves skin feeling hydrated and smooth.

Powerful tool against acne.



Australian Black Clay (Magnetite), Organic Activated Coconut Charcoal (Salix), Rhassoul Clay (Hectorite), Organic White Turmeric Powder (Curcuma Zedoaria)