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 Dagger Rose Face Oil ℮ 30ml 1 fl.oz.

Our Story

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Dagger Rose Treatment Balm ℮ 50ml 1.7 fl.oz.

Our Story

Guy Morgan is a collection of essentialist skincare, founded in London in 2015. Guided by a soulful minimalism, we create luxuriously utilitarian, transformatively simple products from the fewest, highest quality raw and organic ingredients available.

Our line is grounded in an uncompromising reverence for quality — understanding that the more you strip away, the more every detail matters. Working alongside a team of experts, we offer a tight edit of products developed to be cornerstones of a daily routine — our line is all you need, built for versatility, ease, and simplification.

Our Values

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Our line of essentialist skincare.

Care for All

Our formulations are designed for all — multi-purpose, transformative skincare developed to integrate into any routine or lifestyle. We believe in skincare that amplifies whoever you are, wherever you are…sans complication and inclusive to all.

A Conscious Responsibility

Every ingredient in our collection is sourced with exacting standards for quality, sustainability, and ethicality from organic, entirely vegan ingredients that are never tested on animals, and are always palm oil free. We seek not only the highest quality, organic botanicals available but also ones that are sourced with integrity — we’re proud to partner with women’s cooperatives in Rwanda to supply our organic Rose Geranium.

In our packaging we consciously choose materials that are at once beautiful, utilitarian, and easily recyclable, created using the fewest possible natural resources and with respect for the Earth. We use card made from upcycled take-away coffee cups.

Intentional Ingredients

Our simplicity is deliberate — and it extends to how we talk about our products. Instead of embellishing with buzz words, our foundation is education and transparency. To put it plainly, we believe quality is everything. We source near and far for the highest quality ingredients, then rely on scientific data to speak to their efficacy and safety. Our standards require every ingredient to not only nourish and protect the skin, but to be proven and reliable. We work side by side with expert chemists to use maximum concentrations in delivering the best results possible.

Our Founder

Fig. 4
Our Founder, Guy Morgan.

About the Founder

Guy Morgan began developing his eponymous line from his home in London in 2015. A former furniture and fittings designer, he sought the same refined, architectural approach to the details he brought into his daily life. Frustrated by a lack of natural skincare options that felt classically refined, non-gendered, and non-dogmatic, he began developing his own products with the highest quality ingredients in simple yet effective combinations.

Over time, his collection organically expanded — along with his process. Today, Guy’s collection is sold internationally and created alongside a team of expert developers and advisors, but still retains the same guiding principles that he started with. Every product is with care by his British based studio to ensure full control of quality and care.

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